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Our mission is to help improve the health of the planet by inspiring people all over the world to reconnect with Nature. Alissa first created this community because of a clawing at her soul. She was looking for a community of Nature-lovers who understood her weirdness and supported her wildness, but couldn’t find it in her physical reality. The internet was the solution and now this new wild community grows daily. We put the “WE” in We Are Wildness by sharing our community member’s stories, experiences, art and websites. Yes, we think it’s ironic to mix rewilding and technology (the internet) but the balance seems to work and we love connecting with people from around the world. We Are Wildness is growing, sprouting new branches and leaves and is flowering with amazing people and ideas. We welcome you here and hope you participate in your own unique way. WAW is a place for people to learn and connect. We strive to bring you high quality information in the following topics: Wild BodyWild Mind | Wild SpiritWild HomeWild GearWanderlustWildlife



Learn how you can live a happier, healthier and more wild life by reading our blog and free resources. We have a lot of amazing contributors and guest bloggers.

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Have you taken the Rewild Your Life 30 Day Challenge? We offer it for many months of the year so our community can get in touch with their wild side and get out in the natural world more in a fun and interactive way.

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We are all about creating a close-knit community of wild humans who care about the well-being of  the Earth, animals and each other. We connect through social media and local meet-ups. Let’s connect!

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What we aim to do

Our Mission

Community Building

We strive to create an open and inspired community of wild humans who care about their local ecosystems. Our community is made up of wild ones all over the world who have many different passions that make the world a better place.


We share information resources about nature connection, rewilding and the importance of living closer to the natural world in a respectful way. Our goal is to bring awareness to the masses about respecting, preserving and conserving the natural wild world.


We provide educational and inspirational material through our blog, ebooks, programs and webinars to help people empower themselves with the knowledge they need to live a wilder, healthier, happier, more connect life in tune with Nature.
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The Wild Body Program

The Wild Body Program

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Rewild Your Life Guide eBook

Rewild Your Life Guide eBook

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Handmade Cedar Pendants

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The Humans Behind We Are Wildness

Meet the Team

Alissa Wild

Co-Visionary and Creative Director

Alissa founded We Are Wildness in 2011 to find and connect with like-minded Nature-loving humans. She created the project to show others the importance of connecting with nature and being in touch with the wildness within us. Alissa is an introvert and has always had a deep connection to animals. She worked as an Animal Rescue Aid at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for wild birds and other wildlife native to the area. She has worked with Bald Eagles, Owls, Ravens, Blue Herons, orphaned Fawns, Beavers, and Racoons, just to name a few. Alissa feels most at home in the forests of Vancouver Island, where she once spent several days and nights alone on her first vision quest.  She loves books and has an epic collection…she never leaves home without at least one in her bag. She enjoys natural movement like swimming, dancing, biking, hiking, and doing aerial silks. Alissa cares deeply about women’s rights, animal rights and the rights of the Earth. She shares her riverside cabin in the forest with her two furry companions, her husky, Brite, and her partner, Kevin.

Kevin Park

Kevin Park

Co-Visionary and Communications

Kevin is the Co-Visionary of We Are Wildness and has always been wild at heart. He was born and raised in the lush West Coast rainforest of Canada, surrounded by mountains and ocean as his playground and learning environment. He has always drawn great inspiration from his wild surroundings and looks deep into nature for the answers to many of his questions, and to learn more about life and himself. He is a seeker of both ancient wisdom and the latest discoveries. He is a lover of all things natural. He feels most at home surrounded by trees with his bare feet on the Earth. Kevin loves learning and trying new things and is always reading, writing, camping, swimming, foraging for food, running, dancing, riding his bike, meditating, slacklining, gardening, natural building, yoga, and connecting with people among many other things, but most of all he loves experiencing all that life has to offer with his partner Alissa and their dog Brite. Kevin is passionate about sharing the benefits of natural health and fitness and living a more nature connected life. He’s a Certified Personal Trainer and Founder of The Wild Body Program and rewildyourbody.com

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10 Tips for Living a Wilder Life (Without Giving Up the Things You Love) Learn the simple natural ways to improve you physical and mental well-being Overcome the domesticated habits that are keeping you from being happier and more inspired Experience the health and freedom that so many others are embracing because of these simple lifestyle upgrades


Latest from the Blog

The Blog

Is Compassionate Hunting Possible? (Controversial Video)

Is Compassionate Hunting Possible? (Controversial Video)

Hunting is a very controversial topic. With more people than ever before moving towards plant based vegetarian and vegan diets as an environmental, ethical, and health focused choice, hunting is being frowned upon as a cruel and unnecessary act. Is it right to say that ALL hunting is cruel and unnecessary? The reality is that…

Get Me Back to the Wild

Get Me Back to the Wild

I must admit, I have quite a fun job. Working as a guide on a wildlife watching boat off the west coast of Scotland certainly has its perks. Taking guests to see some of Britain’s most charismatic wildlife and their overjoy at witnessing a whale, otter or an eagle in the wild is infectious.

21 Photos Of Nature Rewilding Human Civilization

21 Photos Of Nature Rewilding Human Civilization

Original article from BoredPanda This is what it looks like when the natural world is left to “rewild” itself. There is something eerie yet soothing about these images.

Wanderlust: Exploring The San Luis Valley (With Amazing Photos)

Wanderlust: Exploring The San Luis Valley (With Amazing Photos)

Article and Photographs by Jocelyn Catterson. “There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.” – Edgar Allan Poe FROM Denver, Colorado, drive up US-285 into the foothills of the Rockies, through the mountains and past the town of South Park made famous by the TV show, over Kenosha Pass at a winding 65 miles…

The Forest: What it can teach you about yourself

The Forest: What it can teach you about yourself

To walk into the forest is to walk in the space of possibility. As you walk, you look up and see the manifestations of another season reaching curled tendrils out into the world, inviting new growth and expansion. Looking horizontally offers you a sense of existing in the right place, secure in your space within…

Growing Your Roots; Herbal Terminology

Growing Your Roots; Herbal Terminology

First Steps. Before I take you down the worn brick path on your first herb walk, I want to lay the foundation of herbal terminology and basic botany. I want to equip you and encourage you to explore the wonders of plants waiting outside your door.  It is a canvas of knowledge that will fill…

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