Immerse your self in these short but beautifully rich animated nature GIFs by artist Mikael Gustafsson of Stockholm, Sweeden. Which one is your favorite?

Could you imagine yourself in this jungle scene?Mikael gustafsson art gift 1

What about this sunny mountainscape?

Mikael gustafsson art gift 2

There are so many layers in this forest!

Mikael gustafsson art gift 10

For some reason this one reminds us of Bambi

Mikael gustafsson art gift 9

Scamper on little fox =)

Mikael gustafsson art gift 8

Nothing like the warm glow of a campfire on a brisk night.

Mikael gustafsson art gift 7

Would you sit under this tree and ponder?

Mikael gustafsson art gift 6

Forest friends.

Mikael gustafsson art gift 5

Don’t you love it when the sunlight shines through the canopy and illuminates the forest floor?

Mikael gustafsson art gift 4

Dreamy river valley….

Mikael gustafsson art gift 3
See more of Mikael Gustafsson’s artwork on his Instagram account:

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