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Look at this magnificent tree!

Meet the ‘President’. Judged on mass, the ‘President’ is ‘likely the biggest’ tree on the planet.The giant sequoia tree in California’s Sequoia National Park is 3,200 years old, has 2 billion leaves and stands 247 feet (74 meters) tall.

The portrait of the giant tree, taken by National Geographic, is actually a mosaic, made up of 126 photographs in order to capture the stunning full-length shot.

Featured image from National Geographic

Alissa Wild

Alissa Wild

Alissa is a wild woman introvert who loves wandering through the forest trails of her local woodlands seeking birdsong and keepsakes. She founded We Are Wildness in an effort to help people by inspiring them to get outside and reconnect with the wild world. She's a naturalist, eco-feminist, and feels an ardent connection to those feathered, finned, and furred. She relishes regular time in solitude to nourish spirit and feels most at home in the rivers and forests of the Pacific Northwest.