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As a novice yoga teacher and formerly stressed out person, I can tell you meditation is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal.  Meditation helps us stay on the path toward clearing the mind and leading a healthy, happy life.

Here are 5 reasons to take your meditation practice out into Nature.  Doing so might just give you even more benefits.

  1.  Nature brings you to a state of calm quite effectively – and who doesn’t like a little help in getting centered?
  2. If your thoughts wander off, you only have to listen to the sounds of Nature and you will be back into the Now! Listen to the wind, the birds and the frogs.
  3. By sitting on the ground with bare feet you will connect with the Earth. The Earth is sending you good energy!
  4. In Nature you will likely find plenty of opportunity for solitude. No one is watching you, except maybe some animals.
  5. Meditation leaves you with a magical feeling when you walk through Nature afterwards!

A nice extra is that Nature will surprise you if you meditate often. Just the other day I was rewarded with a curious deer to share space with.  Meditation in a natural setting gives more than just a peaceful mind. It gives a sense of freedom, connection with the Earth, and mind-blowing insights.

What have your experiences been with trying meditation in the great outdoors?


Cynthia schroo

Cynthia schroo

Cynthia Schroo is a novice Yoga teacher from a little Island with a lot of Nature in the Netherlands. She writes about Nature, Yoga, Mindfulness and her high energy German Shepherd. She also makes healthy natural recipes and puts them on her Blog: She is Rewilding her life step by step.