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Spring is a season that is bursting with wisdom if we are willing to notice it.  Here are five things that spring wants you to know.

1. You do not just live in nature

You are nature.

2. Ignite your inner power

Believe in your ability to exercise free will and choose a brilliant life. The inner landscape of your emotions, thoughts, and experiences all create the ground upon which you build from. Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that your life is like a garden. The soil could be moist, dark, and rich with minerals. It could resemble a powdered sand- spread thin with years of over harvest. Is it full of wild weeds, tidy floral rows, or somewhere in between? Has it been regularly visited with love or taken over by the elements? Every garden naturally grows weeds, yet it is our job to regularly make space for new life to grow and blossom. Spring is the season of the solar plexus- associated with empowerment, creativity, and action. Remind yourself on a daily basis of your self-worth. Actively invest in yourself and you will see how quickly the world around you responds to meet you halfway.

3. Pay attention to the process

Activate of all your senses as you observe the changes around you. See through the eyes of a child, catching every detail of the sky and ground. Do not just look at the flowers- Sit with them. Feel them. Smell them. This type of participation creates an energetic bond with nature, showing that you are available. When you have a friend who has become too busy to listen, you begin to stop communicating and sharing things with them. The same goes for our relationship with the earth.

4. Reawaken your body

As soon as temperatures begin to warm, we often jump into overdrive, feeling like it is our duty to shed off any winter lethargy as soon as possible. We treat our bodies like they are machines, capable of being switched on and off. Ease yourself back into motion with awareness instead of demand. Take more deep breaths, feeling the air as it fills your chest. Slowly wake up and stretch towards the sun with a loud yawn. Appreciate your body. Feel its strength and vital force.

5. Everything is temporary

The human experience is not meant to be a predictable and comfortable one. We know this because nature reflects this to us. Sometimes as we observe environmental changes, we tend to forget that we are along for the ride as well. The more we are able to understand this, the more permeable we become- and the less offended we are when things do not go as we expected them to. The seasons are powerful representatives of all of our emotions. Each is necessary, and part of life. To ignore the existence of one throws off the balance of the whole wheel. As the land around us begins to blossom, we see that regeneration is in our very DNA. It is all that we know how to do. No matter how barren and lackluster the trees appear to become in the winter, they always return to a fragrant state of bliss in the spring.

Lauren Merrill

Lauren Merrill

Lauren is a conscious blogger who loves to inspire others to find the the magic in the mundane and embrace the beauty of the natural world. When she isn't writing, you can find her working at the spa or perched up against a tree reading Thoreau.