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5 Ways To Bring The Wild Back Home

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There is nothing greater than starting an adventure, creating memories, and exploring the world. Then when you go back home, are the adventures and memories still alive when you enter your front door? Or do you feel a crash back into “real life”? Back into chaos, clutter, and bills.

We don’t have to let go of that feeling of being free when we go back home. We can keep it and let it live indoors as well. Here are 5 ideas to bring the wild back home.

1: Organize

The wilderness has an organized, simple beauty. Coming home to a house of clutter will kill any sense of freedom and breathability like what the outdoors offers. Organize your home and make sure everything has a place. Clean it well to create more of an open and free environment. Minimalism is popular because while it clears the home of unnecessary items, it also clears the mind.

2: Organic Elements

What better way to bring the wild back home than to literally include elements of the wild in your home? Fresh flowers, stone gardens, or other organic elements are a great way to bring the wild in. This is a great time to gather organic items from the places you love, so that not only will you be bringing nature in, but each piece will also have meaning in your space.

3: Memories

There’s no reason to keep all your pictures in your phone or a scrapbook that you will likely rarely, if ever, look at again. Go ahead and show off the adventures that you’ve had and reminisce on them often by hanging up photography and other souvenirs in whatever room you feel needs more inspiration.

4: Ambience

You might love watching the sunset from a specific hill or enjoy a particular orchard you walk through on occasion. Scents, colors, and lighting can bring back memories from those special places, whether it be a crisp and bright area or a cozy and warm setting. In your home decor, include the colors, scents, and lighting that will bring you back to those familiar spots and make you feel like you never left them.

5: Routine

Did you have a particular routine you follow that makes you feel free and adventurous? Spend time outdoors each morning, allow yourself a moment to breathe, or write in your journal. Do those things that will create a peaceful time during morning, midday, or evening that can be a time to go back to your previous adventures and locations, even if just in spirit. Make it a moment to reflect and meditate on what makes you feel free and clear-minded.


Who says an adventure has to end? Who says we have to come back to reality? Even when we have to touch base at home every once in awhile, we can still feel the adventure amidst day-to-day life. Through the 5 ideas listed above, we can bring the wild back home.

Sarah Sanders

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Sarah is a student, mother, and wife. Her passions are reading and hiking with her wonderful husband. She loves DIY projects and making her house into a home. As an employee of Garage Storage Vancouver, she recognizes the need to be organized and loves simplifying her own home and life.

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