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5 Ways to Rewild Your Home

By July 21, 2014 7 Comments

Since we can’t all live in a cabin in the woods, on a boat in the ocean, or in an eco-pod in the middle of nowhere, here are 5 ways to Rewild your home:

Grow your food!  Even if your apartment will only accommodate a window herb garden, plant something that you care for and harvest yourself.  Aside from the satisfaction of seeing your little plant grow, everything tastes better when you grow and cook it yourself!  Do yourself a favor and learn what plants thrive in your area and in what season to plant and harvest (check out the seasonal table at here).

When you’re done cooking, eat outdoors! Use your balcony, patio, or at least have a chair by the window where you will look forward to enjoying your meals or your morning coffee and tea.  Anything you do on idle, from checking your social networks to folding laundry, can be done from your outdoor sanctuary you create for yourself at home.  For smaller living spaces with no outdoor deck options, rearrange your furniture so you have a clear view of the sky and trees near a window in your home – and open it once in a while to let in the outside air! 7550694354_e68869b6b1_b

While you’re moving your couch to a sunlit corner of your living room, consider planting wildflowers near your windows which attract bees and birds.  Butterflies and hummingbirds prefer nectar-rich plants. Keep some plants inside your home, too!  From cut flowers to potted greenery (purchased at the market or grown on your own), keep plants by your windows and on your coffee tables!  Ask your local garden store which plants are air purifiers and ReWild your indoor life with azaleas or bamboo palms!  (Those of you with pets, please, make sure you check on which plants are toxic to your furry or feathered companions.  Look up toxic plants for your cats, dogs, and horses at

Let your outdoor activities be your indoor art!  The next time you walk the dogs through the park or take a family vacation, make a point to take photos of beautiful foliage, rushing rivers, and colorful sunsets.  Decorate your home with your adventures to bring what you love about being outside inside!

Lastly, if you’re going to stay in and watch a movie, rather than the latest blockbuster to land on Netflix, search for a film about explorers or a documentary about a wild animal of your own personal interest (try Beavers or Oceans).  If you’re more the type to curl up with the latest novel by your favorite author, consider a novel or true story about explorations through the mountains and deserts or the picture of motherhood across different species (for some title ideas, look at’s “Best Nature Books” list). Of course, when all else fails, join the Rewild Your Life Challenge!  Even if it takes you a couple of tries to get the hang of adding more outdoor time to your day, the community will share so many amazing photos and heartwarming stories, you will want to make every effort to bring the outdoors into your life – at the parks and at home!

Happy House-Rewilding, my friends!  Please, feel free to share your own home Rewilding tips and stories in the comments below.

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gK Okuma is a writer, yoga instructor, and plant-based food enthusiast. Her degree was earned at The College of William & Mary. She finds natural beauty in her suburban surroundings and shares her poetry and photography in the hopes to inspire a technologically isolated society.

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  • Renee

    Thanks for these suggestions and I really appreciated the photos. The one with the dresser as a planter is so inspiring as I am working on the decor in my guestroom. I want me guests to feel comfortable and connected to the beautiful world outside my door.
    I just finished reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I would offer up that one that is just getting into Wilding their lives.

  • Bonnie Delaney

    Love these ideas….I always manage to bring something back home with me when I walk on the beach or a trail in the woods: a pinecone, a shell, driftwood, etc.

  • Susan Williams

    Great ideas! We built a koi pond in our back yard and have a waterfall with a pump and a creek running water back into the pond. We have koi and turtles in the pond and water plants at the waterfall and in the creek. We have lots of birds that visit and have cardinals that nest in an oleander every year by the waterfall. I try to plant natural food plants for the visitors to our back yard but I also supplement the birds with food at several feeding stations. We also have a sand pit area to help us get our beach time in! 🙂

  • Ardie Jenkins

    I am one of the lucky ones who does live in a cabin in the woods, who has a container garden, an extensive library on herbal medicine and wild edibles, who loves wildlife documentaries, and decorates her home with shells and feathers and sticks and stones……. Your blog reaffirms what a wonderful lifestyle this is and now I have others to shrae it with.

  • Morgan Danker

    I will have to try some of these. I already have moved around my furniture so I can have a full view of the outdoor scene. I also have some mints and other herbs in a small herb garden outside. I can’t wait to bring in some more outdoor elements though!!

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  • Well if you live in an apartment you might want to consider tossing a bunch of wild seeds in neighbouring abandoned lots…