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I’ve had several reach out and ask me,

“How do you do it?”

“How do you live this lifestyle of constant adventure?”

I’ve thought about it for quite some time now, and here’s my answer:

Giving up.

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I have given up a lot of things to live a life of constant adventure.

Adventuring the way I do, is not comfortable.
It’s not glamorous.


I don’t have the latest and greatest of everything… In fact, I don’t have much. And most of the gear I do have are either hand-me-downs or gear I am borrowing from my mom. I’m lucky she’s quite the adventurer, herself.

Dailyn Gregory Backpack We Are Wildness

My Gregory Deva 60 pack (pictured above) is the same one I have been using since I was 15 years old. (Quick shoutout to Gregory for being absolute the masters of the pack industry). The straps are not new and fancy. The color is not one of those newer, cool, girly colors that I love so much. (I’m looking at you, powder blue). My 1995 mini van is falling apart, and rattles so loud, that I have to put it in park in the Chick-fil-a drive-thru just so the attendant can hear me on the intercom. (Oh and that glorious new, copper Jeep Rubicon? No, that’s my mom’s. And yeah, she’s a badass.)

My dog’s backpack is a hand-me-down, hand-me-down with one of the straps poorly stitched back together and then wrapped in duct tape. My camera is not mine, it is also a hand-me-down from my father’s previous photography business. My trekking poles don’t match, they’re hand-me-downs from my mom.

But here’s the first thing that I gave up to be able to afford the mountain girl lifestyle:


Just to clarify, I did not give up food. I gave up yummy, expensive food.

This past summer I was checking out at REI just before a one-nighter backpacking trip.

My purchase:

– A sh*t ton of those new/featured flavored Clif Bars (mmm)

At the register next to me was a group of kids my age. Two boys and two girls. They were talking about their two-night backpacking trip planned for the upcoming weekend.

Their purchase:

– $75 (each) worth of “just add water” backpacker meals


I can’t ever imagine spending $75 on food for a two night backpacking trip.

Don’t get me wrong. Those meals are cool and all, but if you’re a young kid like me with minimal income, those things are just out of the question. (Not to mention, they’re actually not the greatest when it come to efficient, lightweight packing, either.)

There are so many other options. And just cause they may take a bit more planning, doesn’t mean they’re not worth it.

Instead of purchasing a just-add-water packet. I make my own just-add-water packet. Yes, it’s totally do-able!

Do you know how cheap a bag of rice is? A bag of beans? Well, lemme just say, they’re cheap, and they can go a lonnng way.

So, here’s a quick and easy hack that you can do next time you’re planning an adventure!

Here’s what you do:


  1. Grab some rice, dehydrated veggies, beans, jerky, seasonings of choice, (and if you are gonna be in need of a little extra energy, throw some protein powder in there).


  1. Figure the amount that works best for you and pre-determine how much boiling water it will take to cook that amount.


  1. Take all of those ingredients in the individual meal portion you had already decided on and throw them in one of those Ziploc steamer bags. (AKA, they are made to handle boiling water.) *wink wink* See where I’m going with this?

Note: You may want to write the amount of boiling water each meal takes on the ziploc in case you forget later.


  1. Throw those suns’uh’bitches in your pack.


  1. Hike up a mountain.

Dailyn Selfie Hiking We Are Wildness

  1. Set up camp.


  1. Bring proper amount of water to a boil over your campstove/Jetboil.


  1. Here’s my favorite part… Pour boiling water directly into ziploc! Close ‘er up for 5-10 minutes, giving that goodness a chance to cook up properly.


  1. Open ziploc and EAT DIRECTLY OUT OF BAG. No dirty camp dishes to deal with afterwards!


  1. Seal ‘er back up when you’re done and throw it away in your trash bag.

Note: The Ziploc steamer bags have small holes in order to steam properly. Any juices left after your meal will still leak from the bag. I know from experience… So make sure you throw it away in a trash bag that also seals (ziploc).


P.S. You can also do this with your morning oatmeal!

(Try throwing some dehydrated milk, nutz, and protein powder in there for an extra mornin boost!)

When you continuously work to save money in small areas, the amount your saving slowly builds. It also turns into a routine. Making it so that instead of occasionally going on adventures, you can begin to live a lifestyle that is constantly ready for adventure.


Happy Trails!


– Dai


Do you have any food hacks you like to do when prepping for your adventures? Sharing is caring.


*Editors note: This blog post is originally from Dailyn’s own blog at

Check out her blog for other great blogs of her adventures.

Dailyn Lewis

Dailyn Lewis

Dailyn is a We Are Wildness Ambassador and a full-time student, taking courses online to provide a flexible schedule in order to fit more adventure in her life. Dailyn has surfed in Hawaii and on the Oregon coastline, gone rock climbing and lived out of a van in the desert, been backcountry snowboarding, gone cliff jumping in the Ozarks, been stung by jellyfish in Jamaica, and swam in the brisk Quinault River in the Hoh Rainforest… and while these were all unbelievable experiences, she loves nothing more than being on a trail, with a change of clothes and a tent in her pack and her dog (Trevor) at her side. With the sunshine on her nose and a happy feeling in her soul, humming along to that song in her head. Embracing the wildness with every step.