Since launching the Rewild Your Life 30 Day Challenge (now a Program) back in the late summer of 2013, we’ve attracted a community of passionate wild ones. A community of Rewilders all over the world who have sent us emails, photos, and shared your journey on social media for all to see.
Some of you have written blog posts and recorded films about your rewild your life challenge experience and how you are continuing to take it further into your daily life. A few wild women have even created full art journals about their experience, which is so inspiring to see!
Thank you!
However, the best thing you all have done for us is quite simple: you’ve convinced your friends to join the Rewild Your Life Program. And we’re very thankful for that, as now thousands of people are reconnecting with the natural world and their wild selves on a daily basis.

And so, to thank you all, we’ve set up an Ambassador program!

If you join us you’ll get access to our secret club where you can chat with one another and you will be able to get special rewards for when you invite more friends.

Rewild Your Life Ambassadors help us brainstorm new content/challenges, test new activities and features, get access to our projects before anyone else, take part in our events, and contribute to the discussion with other wild ones.
Will you join us? Click the button to learn more about the rewards and to join!
With you on your wild path,
Alissa and Kevin
The We Are Wildness Team

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