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It’s time to put on your hiking shoes and head outdoors because these spots just might be your sanctuary!

The general wonder that Mother Nature has to offer is unlike anything else, and although outings to a theme park or even an all-expenses-paid shopping trip might sound like great fun, connecting with nature is one of life’s most rewarding experiences.

In the spirit of helping you find a little piece of paradise, we’ve rounded up some of the best places in North America that’ll allow you to submerge yourself in the beauty that is nature. All you need to do now is grab your backpack and head off to one of our top destinations…


Why? To visit the Monarch Butterfly Preserves

monarch butterfly mexico

On Offer: Every year, Monarch butterflies start their migration journey from the U.S. all the way to the forests of central Mexico, and seeing the migration in full swing can only be summed up as: mind-blowing. The fluttering mystery of nature can be observed all throughout the forests of central Mexico in the summer months.


Southern Ohio

Why? To visit Boulders Edge

hocking hills tipi ohio we are wildness blog


ash cave hocking hills state park ohio we are wildness blog
On Offer: An authentic Native American experience, plus the opportunity to lose your heart in the scenic landscapes. The sandstone formations in this part of southeastern Ohio is truly breathtaking, and kind of reminds us all of just how small we really are. You can also head into Hocking Hills State Park where you can relax with some hiking, get an adrenaline rush from the zip-lining, or even go kayaking. Make sure you see the top spots like the Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, the Old Man’s Cave, and of course the Cantwell Cliffs.



Why? For Rocky Mountain National Park

rocky mountain national park colorado we are wildness blog national park service

On Offer:  Rocky Mountain National Park is home to some of the biggest varieties of wildlife, including moose, mule deer, bighorn sheep, and herds of roughly 3,000 elks. The Coyote Valley Trail runs along the Colorado River and offers you the unique opportunity of getting to know the creatures after which the valley was named, the coyotes!



Why? To see Glacier National Park

lake mcdonald glacier national park we are wildness blogOn Offer: comprising of roughly 175 mountains, 40 different glaciers, and over 200 lakes, the Glacier National Park is massive and offers you a million acres worth of exploring terrain where you’ll have no other choice but to connect with nature. Whether it’s a historical tour on the boats that trail the lakes, or something more hands-on such as horseback rides, there are literally thousands of ways in which you can soak up the natural beauty on offer here.



Why? To camp out in Yosemite National Park

On Offer: Yosemite National Park is one of those natural sanctuaries where you’ll get to revel in the beautiful natural sights, and you’ll leave the park as a changed being if you take in all that’s on offer. From the sky-high granite faces to the waterfalls that try and match their height, the massive and ancient sequoias to the raw wilderness, this park has it all.


Ontario, Canada (or the U.S. side)

Why? To see the majestic Niagara Falls

On Offer: While some might say it’s overrated, we reckon they’re just jealous to hear about your plans to visit the falls. Whether you see them from the Canadian or American side, the sight is equally as impressive, qualifying this spot as one of the best places to reconnect with nature. You can embark on a few different tours which will allow you to see sights such as Queen Victoria Park and Horseshoe Falls, the Cave of the Winds and even an opportunity at seeing the sight from down there!



Why? To understand how City Life and Nature can meet halfway

lynn canyon vancouver canada we are wildness blog

On Offer: Vancouver’s landscapes have it all: from forested areas to the mountainous zones, and it’s all super-scenic, allowing you to connect with nature right on the city’s doorstep. Step into the city’s wilderness areas by exploring the Vancouver North Shore, and don’t miss out on the opportunity of seeing Grouse Mountain and the views offered from the Capilano Suspension Bridge. You can also visit the Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, one of the best historic sites in Canada!


Final Thoughts

I’ve shown you 7 amazing destinations in North America which will allow you to explore and essentially connect with nature. That said, you likely don’t have to travel National Parks, or far off destinations to connect with nature. You can enjoy all the same benefits (and save money) by connecting with your local wilderness areas and parks. It is fun to venture out and travel sometimes though!

Dan T

Dan T

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