Early Spring Delights

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Common spring allies, including nettles, ramsons, fiddlehead ferns, and cleavers, peek out of the ground in early spring after a long winter’s rest.  Will you be responsibly foraging for some this spring?

With hundreds of nutritional and medicinal benefits, nettles provide us with the foundation we need to thrive.



Whimsical fiddlehead ferns enchant the forest with their youthful figure that resembles the spiral, tuning end of a fiddle. These sprightly forest characters remind us that nature play is an essential part of our existence.

Fiddlehead Ferns

Mountain folklore passed down for generations in Appalachia recount that ramsons could restore health and bring a speedy recovery from winter ailments because of their ability to cleanse the blood and keep the heart healthy.

Ramps, or wild leeks.

Ramps, or wild leeks.

When cleavers come into contact with fur and clothing, they cling to us. Their soft yet tenacious clasp calls to mind their life-giving properties of renewal. Cleavers clear unwanted heat and inflammation collected in the body during the winter months. Popping a few of the young sprouts in your mouth while on a hike can lift the spirits and evoke a sense of flow and movement within the body.



Whether it’s right outside your door or on an adventure in the forest, abundance can be found all around this season. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, and enjoy spring’s many delights!

Chelsey McCaw

Author Chelsey McCaw

Chelsey is an environmental and food justice advocate. She is an alumna of New York University and Naropa University. While in grad school for Environmental Leadership, Chelsey apprenticed with renowned herbalist Brigitte Mars and explored the Rockies. Despite being a city girl, she instantly fell in love with the land. This inspired her to launch Wild Food Love in November 2014, a digital, community-driven space on Instagram for people to contribute and connect with nature and each other through wild and foraged food. Join the collective at

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