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Chilly morning air awakens my senses
the valley is stirring, ready for the day.
As I make my way up the dusty road I call home
the sky is a rainbow of colors.

From Wild to Work - My Alaskan Commute We Are Wildness Blog Sunrise photo credit, flickr/CC Frank Kovalchek

Mellow yellow and lilac fade into baby blue
wispy clouds of Amaranth pink decorate the horizon.
In my rear view mirror the hillside is awash in magenta haze
scattered with gold; the last remnants of fall.

Aspens2- Alaska Commute- We Are Wildness

I pass a sign which reads “moose crossing.”
A moment later the car in front of me slows,
a moose is lumbering across the quiet road.
A smile creeps across my face,
how truly lucky I am to live in Alaska.

Moose - Alaska Commute - We Are Wildness

If only my destination were the river
my tool for the day, a paddle.
Alas, the campus bell tolls
it’s time to leave this wild place
and go into the depths of my office.

Holly Dean

Holly Dean

Holly was born and raised in Alaska, and has had the great privilege of exploring its vast wilderness. The beauty, adventure, and sense of community that one finds there, is something that she carries with her everywhere she goes. Holly is an avid outdoors woman, and aspiring artist. While she is out skiing, paddling, hiking, and even driving to work, she often finds herself thinking of ways to capture the beauty, the silence, the serenity, and poetry that the world around her has to offer.