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I was a very shy child. I had trouble with finding ways to express myself in the extroverted world I lived in. To me the world was too loud and too busy.

Creativity saved me. It gave me the ways to express my thoughts and feelings. When I felt anxious or overly stimulated it helped me find my calm.

It still does.

The last two hours on Friday afternoon at my elementary school were known as creative hours. The whole school would put away their books, chalkboards were wiped clean, and every classroom would spend the last two hours of the week on creating things. These were my favorite hours at school.

Unleashing creative energy in our classrooms brought a feeling of freedom. The teachers were totally different people in those two hours: they were more kind, relaxed and they laughed a lot.

If you would walk through our school on those Friday afternoons, you would find joy.

After lunch, all the classrooms would leave their doors open and you could feel the excitement in the air. The delicious scent of homemade bread that was being made in the fifth class could be smelled through the whole school.

The sounds of drums that were coming from our library were being made by 15 six-year-olds beating to the rhythm of their hearts. It was the perfect way to wind down after a week of full of lessons—for both the children and the teachers.

Now twenty years later, my “school creativity” has grown into something else, something I like to call ‘spiritual creativity.’

With Nature as my muse.

Nature and being Creative are two of my most favourite things in the world. Both of them are teaching me life lessons and are helping me clear my mind. They are the source of my development and my spiritual growth.

Creativity demands personal development and it is this development which brings me closer to my true self.

With Nature as my muse, it’s very important to connect with her on a soul level because from there, I create.

In the past, I would spend hours in front of my screen waiting until inspiration decided to knock on my door. I would sit there and not get up until I had defeated that blank page.

Now I know that the only thing I have to do is put on my boots and take a walk in the forest. The birds sing me their songs and the wind whispers inspiration into my ears.

Find your source of inspiration and let her guide you into the world of Spiritual Creativity.

I’ll meet you there.

Iris Suurland

Iris Suurland

Iris is a young woman with an mysterious old soul. Her mission is to inspire and help people manifest their dreams. She has traveled the world in search of the place called home, which she found in the misty forests of Sweden. Here she is writing her first book, while sipping on her magical elixirs. She is passionate about the beauty of nature and capturing that in her photography. She is a cacao lover, Moon sister, Nature Explorer, Superfood Junkie and a Certified Nutritionist. On her website she wants to inspire and show you that dreams really can become reality.