Looking for products to help you live your best wild life? We Are Wildness is showcasing our fave sustainable companies! These products help facilitate a nature-connected lifestyle.

We live by the mantra “experiences > things” and we buy 80% secondhand goods. If we do need to buy something new it has to be high-quality, ethical, and last a looong time. These are some of the products that we use and love.

Bonus? Many of these Featured Brands are offering exclusive discount codes! See below.


Earth Runners Grounding Adventure Sandals

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Get the most out of your time spent in nature by minimizing the interference between you and the earth. Stay true to the comfort and freedom of going barefoot while not being limited to where you can go. Inspired by the ancient Tarahumara huarache sandals. Use discount code WAW10 to get 10% off your order!

Westcomb Rain Jackets

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From concept to your closet, Westcomb is guided by the goal to enhance human-powered adventures through innovation. Varied activities demand unrivaled protection across different contexts and climates without sacrificing comfort. Westcomb uses the most innovative materials engineered by the industries leading suppliers to satisfy this demand. Waterproof fabrics that breath and stretch. Natural fibers that wick sweat away when hot, yet insulate when cool. Coupled with unique features and creative design elements, Westcomb is perfect for the multi-sport athlete that needs to be prepared for anything.

Ruffwear Adventure Dog Gear

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Since 1994, Ruffwear has been dedicated to building gear for outdoor athletes and their human companions. They believe that products should perform and that performance should be measured by the ability to enhance our outdoor adventures with our dogs. These guiding principles, along with a desire to push the boundaries and explore, are what fuels the soul of Ruffwear and drive them to create the best dog gear possible.

Introverted but willing to discuss plants t-shirt

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Introverted but willing to discuss plants. Original design by @jrlefrancois

Cairn Outdoor Gear Subscription Boxes

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Cairn is your guide for discovering best-in-class outdoor products and remembering that what feeds your soul is just outside. Pretty wild we fit all that in a subscription box, huh?

Lems Boulder Boot

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This natural foot-shaped boot has become the go-to for travelers looking to save space & weight while on the go. Comprised of 1200-denier nylon, leather trim and a IBR outsole, this boot grants flexibility so they can pack down to the size of your favorite puff jacket.


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