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I trail my fingertips 0917161627
across the jagged face,
dip into the scars
of wind and water.
Scan the puzzle
of grooves and contours,
scout the perfect path.
Crack to crevice to nub to flake.
I clutch the ridges
of rock, forearms burn
fingertips rub raw.
Toes teeter
on a limestone dime,
on the lip
of the world.
Pull, push,
stretch, reach
grasp. Believe
and breathe.
When every piece falls
into place,
it’s like a dance,
a delicate
but powerful
balancing act.
The art of
holding on
and letting go,
at the same time.

The Art of Holding On and Letting Go - we are wildness - silly_dai photo - rock climbing 3

Based on the debut novel, The Art of Holding On and Letting Go.

Photographs by Dailyn Lewis

Kristin Lenz

Kristin Lenz

Kristin Lenz is a writer and social worker whose career has taken her from rural Appalachia to the California Bay Area to inner-city Detroit. Currently, she lives with her husband and daughter in Michigan. Her writing has been published by online literary journals including Hunger Mountain and Great Lakes Review. Learn more at