A way back to your wild self.


A simple 8 step Nature connection practice that combines wildlife observation, journaling, grounding, sit spot, contemplation, silence, and more.


We recommend doing this practice at least 11 days each month, but it will depend on your schedule and life circumstances. Sometimes we do a monthly “challenge” as a community here.
The practice should take you between 20-90 minutes, depending on what you’re looking to get out of it. It can also be part of a longer hike or camping trip.


Feelings of anxiety, depression, burnout, despair, overwhelmed, uncertainty, stress, feeling lost, disconnected from oneself, too many manmade straight lines and glowing screens.

Finding your way with the help of Nature and expression. A method that is simple, accessible, easy to follow, and grounded in the natural world.

What you will need:

  1. The Wildness Way guidebook
  2. A small journal – I like to use a 4x6in unlined notebook or sketchbook 
  3. A trusty writing device – I use a pencil or markers depending on my mood
  4. A comfortable sitting pad or blanket
  5. Appropriate clothing and gear to be outside in the weather for a good amount of time


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