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The We Are Wildness Community is a place for “Wild Ones” to connect online and share thoughts, feelings and experiences.  It’s an online space of beautiful photos, trip descriptions, gratitude, introspection, questions and answers.  It holds an energy that makes you want to get off the computer and out into the wild, but it brings you back to share what you experience when you are out there so others can benefit from a glimpse into your version of what it means to be a wild one.  There was a question posed to the group recently, and the responses that have been coming in are, frankly, awe-inspiring.   From the responses, it is evident that wildness has been a teacher, a friend, a challenger, and a mentor, all rolled into one, and much more. Wildness has such potential to provide healing, inspiration, introspection and reason to explore as we all tap into the potential of our lives on this beautiful earth. The question, posed by Alissa, was:

What has wildness taught you?

Read on for some of what came out, and the wisdom that the natural world has shared.

Wildness has taught me that there is freedom in the unknown. ~Alissa

A few years ago, I spent an extended period of time in the wilderness. It was very apparent that the energy of the sun drives the weather and the seasons. I can see why the sun would have been treated with reverence in ancient times. ~Gary

Nature gives me peace and a feeling of being closer to a higher power. Every sunrise and sunset, every wild flower, every leaf and blade of grass has a beauty that flows through my soul. ~Jamie

I have been a beach girl all of my life. My mother instilled her love of the beach and ocean in me, though I love the mountains as well. I cherish my time outside after a long day in an office. ~Kathy

Wildness has taught me many things but the one that comes to the forefront is patience. Everything in the wild has taken time to create and most of the more spectacular have taken eons…… ~ Rob

One thing nature has taught me is to be resilient. Just because something doesn’t turn out like you thought doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. ~Mae

‘Wildness’ has instilled a deep respect and reverence for all living things and Mother Nature is my friend, therapist and healer. ~Debbie

[Nature has lead me to] believe whole heartedly I’m meant to help the environment. ~Jacqueline

Found myself and my true calling at 40 in the canyons and mountains of Utah. ~Heath

Nature is where I feel most in tune with my life. ~Dlynne

Wildness had taught me that no matter WHERE you are, you can find adventure!!! Beautiful, pure, perfect unknown that is wilderness. ~Amber

Wildness may have saved my life years ago….I know it saved my sanity! It showed me another way life could be lived, and I am forever grateful I found it. ~Vicki

It is there, in the wild, where I just listen to the sounds of the forest or river or other natural space I am in. I self-reflect there and let the wildness heal whatever ail I am suffering. ~Gina

Wildness has taught me peace. ~Rebecca

Freedom, wildness and compassion are keeping me on the road. ~Camille

My love of nature extends into every aspect of my life: my garden, photography, birding, letterboxing, and bookmaking. ~Tamara

The wilderness is good for my soul… ~Robert

Wildness has taught me that the goodness of the world can’t be quantified by a number to illustrate worth. ~Heidi

We, all of us, come from the WILD. Each of us finds our way under the same sky, on the same Earth. ~Tom

The wildernes has taught me that wherever we go there is beauty unknown and divine that can be anywhere. ~Freddy

What has nature taught me? …. the most important thing must be that I am only one tiny part of what nature has given us. Nature has taught me gratitude and patience, but it has also taught me calmness in the face of storms. ~Nancy

So as you see illustrated by this handful of souls who shared their thoughts, wildness – the preservation of it, the cultivation of it, and the remembrance of what it can offer a human’s existence – remains a core element in so many lives.

What has wildness taught you?


Heidi Barr

Heidi Barr

Heidi Barr is the author of 12 Tiny Things: Simple Ways to Live a More Intentional Life (due out in January 2021) as well as four other works of non-fiction. A commitment to cultivating ways of being that are life-giving and sustainable for people, communities and the planet provides the foundation for her work. She lives in Minnesota with her family where they tend a large vegetable garden, explore nature and do their best to live simply. Despite working for an app-based tech start up, she plans to put off getting a smartphone as long as possible. Learn more about her work at