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Cold water plunging has long been promoted as having multiple health benefits, especially by the recently popular “Wim Hof Method” of which cold therapy is one of the three pillars of, but Natasha Brooks takes it to the next level by swimming naked year-round in the alpine lakes of Snowdonia, N.Wales, and makes it look easy. The name “Snowdonia” alone makes one feel an icy chill, doesn’t it?!

Natasha is not only the swimmer but also filmed and produced this video titled “Bluehue” herself. Her narration is as inspiring as the imagery. Her connection to the mountains, water, nature and her body seems to be strengthened by her regular plunges into the icy lakes.

Whether you are a cold water naked swimmer like Natasha or not, I know you’ll enjoy this beautiful film.

Did Natasha inspire you to take the plunge? I’m certainly inspired but sure wouldn’t look as comfortable in water that cold as she does. How bout you?

Learn more about Natasha Brooks and her art at

Kevin Park

Kevin Park

Kevin is the co-creator of We Are Wildness with his partner Alissa Wild. Lover of bikes, nature and e-commerce 🚴🌱🌲🍄🌎 CEO of: @myceliummarketing