Type of blog posts we are currently accepting:

We are publishing lists posts currently and all other submissions will be considered when appropriate for the publishing schedule.

Standard list posts

List post is one of the most popular post types in use today. The basic idea is that you take a topic or a problem and you try to come up with a number of separate solutions to it. List posts are so popular because they are extremely easy to follow. Each point is usually not related to the other ones, which means that even a distracted mind can get a lot of value from the whole post. List posts are also great for bookmarking or sharing with friends—precisely because of their reader-friendly construction.


5 tips for beginner…
10 reasons to take a backpacking trip
6 national parks you need to visit
9 of the most….
5 reasons why…
7 things you’ll need to…
4 best things about…
7 things I learned while…

Resource/ link list posts

Very similar to standard list posts. The difference is that now you’re not coming up with the content on your own, but searching for valuable information elsewhere and, in the end, sharing links to what you have found. This type of list post is very popular lately and many successful bloggers are using it as one of the most important elements of their publishing schedule. This kind of posts tend to get a lot of backlinks due to the fact that people who have been featured often like to let their readers know about that fact, so they go ahead and mention it on their blogs.

Please send the following to hello@wearewildness[dot]com:

  1. an unformatted Word or Google document of your writing
  2. a 50 word bio
  3. email linked to your Gravatar account
  4. your 3 main social media urls and one website url

We will review your writing and see if it’s a good match for our blog. We’ll send emails to those people whose blog posts we choose to publish. Thank you!!